Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boxer Dog

Boxer Dog - All You Wanted To Know About Training The Boxer Dog Breed

Among the entire breed of dogs the Boxer dog stands apart not just for its looks but also for its intelligence. The Boxer is not a pet for everyone. This special dog needs specialized handling and training. This is one of the highly intelligent breeds among the species of dogs.

The owners of the boxer dog need to decide beforehand if this particular breed is what they are looking for. The boxer is a sturdy good-looking dog with many positive features. It is highly intelligent, lovable, and loyal and makes a very good pet.

Training a Boxer should begin quite early from about 6 weeks. Formal training can begin when it is about 13 weeks old. The Boxer should be given a chance to socialize and should be allowed to meet and play with other dogs.

The Boxer dog is dominant by nature and therefore it requires firm handling to keep it under control. A Boxer makes a good guard dog, which is why they are seen a lot in the police force. A well-trained boxer will help in sniffing out suspects. Its highly sensitive nose is good for detecting narcotics and other drugs. It can also help detect bombs. So it is quite common to see boxer dogs not only serving in the police force but also hold ranks.

The problem with the boxer dog breed is that it tends to get bored and turn reclusive very easily. Therefore it is important to keep this particular breed constantly engaged. This highly intelligent dog needs a good caretaker who can keep it under control. Otherwise this breed is known to turn violent and unfriendly.

Boxer dog need a lot of attention and care. The owner of this breed will need to spend a long time with this dog otherwise they tend to turn reclusive or ill tempered.

The Boxer needs to be kept engaged for most part of the day.

Taking it for long walks three times a day is a must.

Playing with your pet and keeping it engaged for most part of the day is one of the prime requisites.

Boxer dog is a joy to own. With its good looks, intelligence, courage and loyalty the Boxer makes its owner both happy and secure.

This highly lovable breed has a lifespan more or less similar to other species of its breed. The average lifespan of a Boxer is about 11-12 years. However, some dogs are known to live for as long as 15 years.

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Boxer Dog

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Boxer Dog

Boxer Dog - Welcome to the new blog

Hi everybody and welcome to the new blog I have set up.

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